At Ecobarter, we choose to Reuse and Recycle

Ecobarter is a social enterprise with a mission to build a culture of responsible consumption and production across Africa by mainstreaming the concepts of circular economy.

We operate integrated waste management schemes- a cost effective recycling collection system where we are placing young people on the frontline to connect more communities to our recycling network via the Independent Recycling Hub and Affiliate Vendor Programs. We are also empowering women and youths in local communities to start microbusinesses in waste management  under the Waste to Resource Empowerment Program (WREP).

Ecobarter is run by a team of learned, passionate and innovative young people. We are excited about collaborations and always looking to reach more communities with impact.

Your Waste is a Currency We Value 

Our Story

Ecobarter officially launched in February 2018 as a registered trademark of Realri Integrated Development.

Ecobarter was launched to address Rita’s inability to find where to recycle some old items in Abuja. With a little research, it was clear that sustainable waste management facilities were lacking, thereby causing a waste menance in Abuja and across Africa.

It also became evident that sustainable waste management had the potential to address the enormous unemployment in Nigeria, a problem had been in her face through her travels across Nigeria. Recycling alone creates 6 times more local jobs than the burning of waste and it is still dominated by the informal sector in Nigeria.

Ecobarter’s mission is to phase out the “waste” idea, we want a zero-waste world, where at the initial end of life every material is 100% reintroduced into another production line or biodegrades.

We are focused on managing this cycle from the point where a consumer makes the decision to purchase, to consumption patterns and how current waste is being managed.

Our Impact


Climate Action: we are saving the planet of tonnes of harmful substances released when materials are manufactured and indiscriminately wasted.

Responsible Consumption and Production: we are changing consumption patterns by improving access to eco-friendly products and recycling schemes for waste.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: we provide a steady supply of uncontaminated raw material for recycling companies. One-third of world manufactured aluminum is made from scrap aluminum and the paper industry is also starting to use large percent of scrap papers as opposed to virgin pulps.

Sustainable communities and cities: an estimated 2 billions tons of waste is dumped globally. Nigeria alone generates over 32 million tons annually out of which, only 20-30% is collected by existing waste management practices. We divert waste from landfills, thereby promoting cleaner environments

We help users capture value from their waste: while it is everyone’s duty to protect earth, we make the transition easier. We give users a little incentive as motivation and also create functional products from waste materials.

Partnership for the goals: one household and business at a time, we are getting people involved in achieving sustainable development goals