Improve on Environmental Sustainability by Enrolling in our Corporate Recycling Programme

How we can help

We can supply your organisation’s facility with internal compartmentalized recycling bins to sort waste into two streams (Trash and Recyclables) at the source. Our standard method of collection allows for pickup of accumulated recyclables up to two times a month on agreed days. After which the recyclables are further sorted at our facility and sent for recycling.

You’ll need to transfer the recyclables from the recycling bin to a larger accumulation bag which we will provide once it’s full. If the accumulation bag gets filled before specified pickup day, tape it shit and contact our recycling collection team to arrange for pickup.

See what goes into the recycling bin here

How do we create value for you?

Our corporate recycling service will help you to boost your recycling performance, improve your carbon footprint and meet your corporate responsibility targets.

Sorting at source and Recycling ultimately reduces the cost of traditional waste management. It also reduces the amount of waste you send to landfill, reduces the amount of carbon that will be emitted by burning these wastes and by exploiting for virgin materials.

We record the value of waste your organisation diverts and provide quarterly waste audit and diversion report which you can share with your customers and other stakeholders.