How does Ecobarter Work?

Ecobarter allows you capture some value from your everyday waste. We collect your accumulated recyclables such as plastics, aluminum, paper, glass, weigh them and accord you redeemable points based on the volume of your recyclables. You can redeem your points once it is over 350 points

Do you have to sort your waste by the different types?

No, we collect mixed recyclables. The point will depend on the dominant recyclable type

Do I have to register to start getting value points?


What does value point mean?

Value point is an accrued equivalent of the volume of recyclables you give

How much is a value point worth?

Depending on the market value of the recyclables, a point can be worth between ₦2 – ₦5

How can I redeem my point?

You can redeem your points as vouchers for shopping in our store or partner stores, airtime, or cash

When can I redeem my point?

You can redeem your accumulated points once you have exceed 350 points

Do I have to bring my waste to your collection centre?

It is not mandatory to bring it to our collection centre. We collect recyclables from subscribers at their convenience on scheduled days

Where is your collection centre?

Plot 30, AA1 Layout, Kuje Abuja

Where is your office?

For now, our recycling yard is doubling as our office

Do you collect pure water sachets?

Yes. They are categorized under plastic bags

Do you collect home appliances?


Do you collect furnitures?


What happens to the waste you collect?

We outsource recycle of some recyclables and upcycle some into innovative products in our recycling yard

How can I work with you?

You can decide to volunteer, partner or paid employment. For availability, please contact us