1. Background

Ecobarter is a municipal waste recovery and repurposing initiative of Realri Integrated Development Limited. We are fostering healthier communities, creating jobs and better value for resources through our integrated waste management schemes. To achieve a zero-waste circular economy, we create platforms for community sensitization, execute cleanups, install mobile drop-off centres and operate single-stream curbside collection of recyclable waste materials enabled by handcarts and trucks.

We currently operate in Kuje Area Council, where we have recovered over 130 tons of waste since February 2018 through a mix of curbside collection, buy-offs and drop-offs. However, indiscriminate waste disposal is widespread in most suburbs of Abuja, and the propagation of our reduce, reuse and recycle message has increased the call for our collection scheme across the other area councils.

While we are gearing up to install more mobile collection centres across Abuja, the Independent hubs are been initiated to meet the needs of eco-conscious residents in urban and suburban communities in Abuja.

      2. Objectives

Independent hubs have been conceived to reduce the time difference between a request and eventual collection of waste resources by almost 50%.  To improve the adoption rate of an integrated waste management scheme across the Abuja, to improve source diversion of waste resources from landfill while also reducing the carbon footprint of Ecobarter operations by 20%.

        3. Implementation

The Independent hub scheme licenses a registered volunteer to host a drop-off centre in her/his local community on behalf of Ecobarter. Households within the same community as the hub will constantly be directed to the hub manager for drop-offs. While no direct payment or exchange will be made between the hub manager and the recycling individuals/households, records of recyclables will be kept as incentives such as vouchers, service discounts and household items will be given out to dedicated recyclers.

The centre will be constituted by large makeshift waste bags, in which recycling residents will offload their recyclables within a shorter time frame. Accumulated waste resources shall be picked up once in a month by Ecobarter to the aggregation hub.


       4. Roles and responsibilities

Independent hub managers are expected to:

  • Scale and record waste resources brought to the hub
  • Update record on the designed workbook once a month
  • Communicate availability and lack thereof to the Ecobarter team


  • Ensure sorting of resources into 3 streams (plastics/paper/metal)
  • Actively promote the project in their communities
  • Maintain the equipment and resources assigned to the hub
  • Understand that this is a voluntary role for most part. However, an incentive of 5% of total accumulated recyclables or its equivalent in services and other form of incentives will be accrued to the hub manager.



Ecobarter is expected to:

  • Publicize the availability of the hub and enroll more users
  • Provide managers with all necessary equipment such as bags, weighing scale, hand gloves and nose masks
  • Evacuate the Independent hub once a month
  • Conduct routine training conferences for the hub managers
  • Provide incentives for hub managers
  • Give incentives to documented individuals/households


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