One of the greatest annual gathering of World Leaders and prominent Entrepreneurs in the world was just concluded. The 2018 World Economic Forum (WEF) held on the 23rd-26th January in Davos, Switzerland. The theme of this year’s forum “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World”.

Basically, we can say that’s a theme which centers on future wellbeing, is in line with our sustainability goals.

The forum boarded on various aspects of the global economy, ranging from health to technology, automobile, economic growth and environmental sustainability. Earlier this year the global risk report was published having cyber-risk and environmental degradation topping the charts. Having in mind the extreme weather conditions experienced in 2017 such as the US storms, flooding in Bangladesh, Nepal and India, wildfires, hurricanes and drought; the environment had 4 of the top 5 risk with high likelihood of occurrence.


Undoubtedly natural resources are major and essential contributors to world economic growth.

However, the rate at which it is being depleted puts the global system on which we rely at risk and our economic prosperity in doubts. The rate at which we extort nature makes it fight back.

This has become a worrisome issue to world leaders, in this year’s WEF, climate change was recognized as the greatest threat to civilization by Indian prime Minister, Naerndra Modi at the start of the forum.

some of the top sessions that discussed issues on environment where on:
  1. How emerging market leaders can drive actions on sustainable development and climate agenda
  2. How to secure capital from private sectors to accelerate progress on sustainable development goals
  3. How to ensure cooperate firms create long term value for product
  4. How to sustain diminishing wildlife
  5. How to secure affordable clean energy
  6. How we can meet the needs of the present within the available means of the planet
  7. How we can improve geospatial technology to be better informed and to take environmentally friendly decisions
  8. How to save lives in the ocean
  9. How industries can reinvent waste as a resource.

Most of the solutions discussed in the forum are not new to our ears; we have heard them before, the main problem still remains implementation. Davos 2018 stressed more on leadership roles in implementing polices.

Question for the post:

  • What do you think about the numerous talks and policy making?
  • How is your government implementing policies that drive sustainable development goals?
  • What part are you taking in making this Planet safer?

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