Little changes to greatly reduce carbon footprint at your workplace

  • Audit your carbon-footprint

Calculate carbon-footprint across your business sectors to identify areas of high usage.

  • Educate

Educate your employees about the need for environmental consciousness and sustainability

  • Print less

Using less paper reduces the demand for trees to be cut-down. It reduces deforestation and desert encroachment. While also conserving Earth’s natural carbon sinks. 

If you must, buy only recycled papers.

  • Ditch Plastic cups 

Provide glass for water instead of bottled water to reduce plastic footprint. 

  • Conserve Energy

Reduce energy use, use LED bulbs and switch off power sources when not in use.

  • Ditch products that are over-packaged

Refuse overpackaging on inbound and outbound products 

  • Reduce Waste

Buy only in bulk or buy refills to reduce waste

  • Recycle your waste

Sort waste at source to recycle.

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