Ecofriendly Valentine’s Gift you should Buy

Valentine’s day is for expressing love by sharing thoughtful gifts with loved ones. What better way to show love than by giving gifts that ensure the sustainability of the planet and many more lovers’ day to come. 

You do not have to think too long or search too far; we’ve got you and here are eco-friendly gift ideas you should consider giving that loved one.

1) Arts from waste

Arts naturally have a way of speaking peace and serenity into any space. We’ve got artworks made from plastic and other waste materials that will definitely communicate your love- starting at 10,000 NGN

2) Waist Bags made plabric or plant-based fibre

We have neatly hand-woven plabric (plastic and wool) sewn into waste bags that you can get for a loved one, male or female.

3) Indoor plant living on compost

Indoor plants cleanse and refresh the air. Serenade a loved one today by sending an indoor plant feeding on organic soil.

4) Handmade snack box

Spread love to artisans by buying our handmade snack boxes. They are washable and reuseable.

5) Handmade Jewelry

Thinking of a very personal gift, that will be carried along almost every day; buy a custom, handcrafted (anti-rust) jewellery for that special someone. 

6) Handmade box of organic personal care products – lip balm, shampoo bar, loofah scrub, essential oil

Send a compassionate message on Lovers’day by sending our box of lip balm, shampoo bar, loof scrub and 2 essential oils to soothe your overs’ skin.

7) Repurposed sling-bag

If you have to buy just 1 item for that special person, make it our hand-woven sling bag. Its highly fashionable and durable, not to mention you will be finding purpose for over 10 waste plastic bags. 

8) Customized happy message reuseable shopping bags

Encourage your loved ones to go plastic-free by sending our inspiring linen reuseable shopping bag. You can always customize your message.

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