Blue waves Plabric Handbag


Size: 12″ X 14″
Fashionable, handy, suitable for casual and corporate outing



Woven on a traditional floor loom by 2 internally displaced women in Abuja, Nigeria. This bag removes more than 100 waste plastic bags (nylons) away from the environment and its a perfect epitome of interconnectedness of people, planet and prosperity

Perfect for everyday use, work, evening out, shopping runs, beach outing and more. The WREP tote is made to last and withstand rigorous use
Can be washed with a soft brush and air-dried.

Size 12″x14″
Properly lined
Inner clip

Kindly note: WREP Totes are made from waste plastic bags and each pattern has a limited quantity. Upon order, you will get a message from our sales team to confirm your pattern.


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